Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I used to have a life...seriously!

A couple of years a go Geordie and I had an 8 hour layover in Toronto when we were going home for Christmas. He would have been 2 months shy of 3 years.

So, I rented a car and we checked out the city. I showed Geordie where we used to live, pre-Geordie and where I used to work.

When showing where we lived...

Geordie: "You live here?"
Me: "Yes, Daddy and I used to live here."
Geordie: "...but what about me?"
Me: "you were not born yet, it was just Mummy and Daddy"
Geordie: "huh?!?"

When showing where I used to work...

Geordie: "You?!? Work?!?! But what about me? What do I do? I know, I'll stay with Grandad. We play together"
Me: "No Geordie, I used to work there when it was just me and Daddy"
Geordie: "huh?!? Where was I?"
Me: "You were not born yet."
Geordie: "You and Daddy without me?!?!"

Yes...can you believe it?!?! Well, the other day I found that the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree!

Callum: "I checked out your Thursday Thirteen today. I thought it was a little weird."
Me: "How's that?"
Callum: "I've never even heard of some of those movies! Howard the Duck?!?"
Me: "The boys and I killed that movie when we were young!"
Callum: "Well, I've never seen it with you!"
Me: "You do realize I had a life before you, right?!?!"
Callum: "huh?!?!"

*Please ignore fashion in both pictures.
They are old pictures. Both before everyone had a digital! Although, I think my brothers still secretly put on pajamas with feet when they are alone! ;)



chelle said...

My daughter doesn't believe that I ever worked! hehe!

Great classic pictures!

Stella said...

My husband does that all time..."Do you remember when we saw this concert? OR went to that restaurant or movie?"

No dear WE didn't do those things. Maybe YOU did with someone else, not me!

Generally it ends in laughter but I kind of like that he thinks I've been around forever! ;)

xup said...

I'm the oldest (by far)of 5 and I used to love bugging "the kids" with stories about fun stuff that happened before they existed. My daughter still has a hard time believing that I had any life before she came along and/or when she's not with me now.

Footed Pajamas said...

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