Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #10

Here are 13 confessions...

1) I am a SAHM with a cleaning lady.
- she comes every 2 weeks, does bathrooms, the floors and dusting. We pay for this by not eating out. I prefer to cook over clean, so our one night a week of pizza is gone; instead, I never touch a vacuum!

2) I still love Joey McIntyre - when we lived in Toronto, I was studying for an exam, it was 3:00, exam was at 6:00. I found out Joey was to be on MuchMusic, that day! I was going!! Called a friend to join me, no go! (I know that Roberta is still regretting that one!). Went down by myself for the 5:00 show and met him. He's even better looking in person. Got to the exam just after 6:00 and I passed it!

I'm 20 sleeps away from the concert! EEEEEEEE!!!!

3) I enjoy annoying people.
- I can bug Callum until he's blue in the face. It is so much fun to me! I do it to others as well. That's when you know you're a friend...when I bug the living tar out of you! ;)

4) People falling is the funniest thing to me.
- this is a genetic thing. My mother also finds this funny and we have found that Geordie does as well. Last Christmas when we were home, Callum and Geordie were waiting at a stop light, a guy walking on the sidewalk slipped on some ice...Geordie laughed his head off. He was 3!

5) I can't wait to see HSM3.
- I have watched the others too many times. Go Zach!!

6) After washing my hands I always dry them on my husbands bath towel.

7) I put vinegar on BBQ chips.
-I know! Weird! It makes them soggie but if you put just the right amount you can still eat them with your fingers. If you use too much, you need to use a fork. Don't knock it till you try it! It brings out the taste of the BBQ!

8) I do this when I have a bad cold. It works!

9) I eat pizza with a fork and knife.
- even back in 'the day' when we would be at pizza corner after a night downtown.

10) I had a pass to The Palace during University...and I used it! Back then it was just the 'ol Palace

11) I ALWAYS lift my feet when going over train tracks. It's good luck...Nan says so!

12) 10 years a go during my first undergrad degree I passed a class and I don't know how!
-The grades were 50% term paper, 30% written exam, and 20% take home exam. Everything was due on exam day. The night before I started studying and writing the papers. I did not get very far. The next day when I went into the exam the Prof asked me where my papers were. I told him that I put the term paper under the door of his 'other' office (he had 2) and that I will pass in the take home portion of the exam by the end of the night (he was one of those by midnight types).
When I finished the exam, I walked out of the room and didn't care! It was my last exam of the year and I really didn't want to have to go and write those things. So, I didn't!
Marks came back...lets do the math, the most I would have received would have been 30%
IF I had done well on the written exam.
I get my mark... B+

13) See this pot...

It has chili in it.

I took this picture this morning.

The chili was made back in May, possibly April.

I'm afraid to open it!


Chantal said...

ok so I am jealous of you now (for #1). Some day I will have a cleaning service. I will, I will! :)

Malcolm said...

One of my friends/co-workers is going to see NKOTB later this month. She can hardly wait. Although I'm not much of a fan, I did enjoy the portion that I saw of their recent VH-1 Behind the Music special.

Jenn said...

I am so excited about HSM3, I think more then mu nine year old daughter is.

Geeky Jenn said...

Ok, you lost with #1 ! I don't think I can focus on the rest.

Alice Audrey said...

My son also does that when he has a bad cold. I'm not so sure it works.

Stella said...

LOVE Joy Mac, too!! Although not as much as Marky Mark.

I make my husband throw away pots like that...or actually just their contents. They make me drive heave!

A Buns Life said...

OMG....ok, either make your cleaning lady clean the pot! or you obviously don't need it so just through it away! GROSS!!! OR just make your husband clean it out. :)

xup said...

Get the cleaning lady to clean the chili pot. And I also eat pizza with a fork and knife. It's very civilized and you don't eat too much that way

Lost in Transition said...

Um So # 4,6 and 13, yeah, that is soo me. Makes me feel good to know I am not the only person who finds people falling hysterical! Couldn't tell you why.

Although there was this one time,lol I am cracking up just thinking about it. When Paul first met my brother who is the same way I am. Scott took us to dinner at this posh place in Lake Louise. There was a Japanese couple sitting at the table next to us, and the husband accidently whacked his head on the wall behind him. Scott and I lost it. We couldn't stop laughing. It's terrible I know! Poor Paul was mortified. It still cracks me up thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Helen, I still remember you calling in a high pitched, super fast (yes, faster than usual) voice and I thought you were joking at first! I can't remember why I didn't or a class??I'm okay with my decision though; however, if it had been Jordon I would've been by your side for that hug :P


Sheri/Cookingmom said...

I am extremely jealous of #1. I love to cook, hate to clean. But I do it. Not happily, though.

I love people falling, too. My girls and I giggle constantly at America's Funniest Videos, especially the fallers and hit-in-the-crotchers.

You MUST take a picture of the scary chili and post it.

ewe are here said...

1 -- Green here, too.
6 -- Ditto.
9 -- Ditto.
13 -- Throw it out. Don't open it, just throw it out. shudder

Toronto realtor said...

So let's sort it all in a nice fashion. :) As for the first point, I couldn't imagine my life without a handmaiden but I also enjoy eating out. Have limited it a little recently, though.
Point number three. You enjoy annoying people? I can't withstand such people and believe me that I met those a lot because I work as a Toronto realtor and sometimes... it's just too hard to get on with them.
I do the same as written in point 6.
I used to do point 9 but not anymore.
Well, that might be everything. Have a nice day, Julie.

chelle said...

I love that you have a cleaning lady .... that rocks!

ummm deal with the chili girl!