Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Lunchable...

For the past couple of weeks Geordie has been asking for Lunchables for his lunch at school. Of course, I have been trying to get around it. I'm not too into the easy-peasy kind of meals. I prefer to know all the ingredients that go in to our food. Yes, sometimes I will slide and take the easy way but for the most part we do not eat pre-packaged food.
One day last week I told him that I would make up a lunchable for him. That didn't do the trick, I got;

Geordie: " No Mummy, I need a lunchable, all my friends have them"

I was talking to another friend about it and she said that her daughter also wanted one so she bought one and her daughter thought that it was the grossest thing EVER!!
So that's what I did. Although, I was afraid that Geordie really would like it!

Yesterday, I picked Geordie up from school and I told him we had to go grocery shopping. I will add that I usually go BY MYSELF without anyone else;

Geordie: "Awesome, I can get a lunchable!! I know where they are, they are at the back by the milk and eggs"

Yes, that is a problem that we have. Geordie has an amazing memory. This is another one of his traits that is going to be great in life that is horrible for the parents, especially when he is at this age. He is also very good with directions.

So, we spent a little over 5 minutes checking out the different lunchables. Since I had never paid attention to them before I couldn't get over the amount of different ones there are. It's crazy!!! Of course, he picked one with a candy and a juice box (of the kind that I won't buy). When we got home he was all excited about his lunch for the next day that he packed it in his lunch bag and put it on the stairs to be ready for school the next morning. Luckily, Callum noticed it and we put it back into the fridge.

Now it is the next day and I was a little late picking Geordie up so Callum went to pick him up and then was to meet me in the parking lot;

Geordie: "My tummy hurts, I'm hungry"

Callum: "Didn't you eat your lunchable? You've been talking about that forever!"

Geordie: "It was 'sgusting"

Callum and I just looked at each other.

When we got home I made a snack of crackers, ham and cheese (the exact same thing that was in his lunchable) and he loved it!!!

Yup, that's 1 for Mummy...none for Geordie!!!!

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