Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Racing Callum!!

The last weekend of April we ventured over to Savannah for a race weekend. This time Callum was driving. A year and a half a go Callum went to 'race school' to get his racing license, so he had his 'beginners' and in order to get your full license you had to drive in two races in the next two years. On this particular weekend there were two races to do so this was it!!!

Here is Callum getting the pep-talk before going out!

That's Callum in the red car

If you look closely you can see Callum passing, or almost passing someone...

The team that we were with not only provided a car, they also included a four year old...
Nathan and Geordie were inseparable and it was great to have someone his age around who was familiar with racetrack etiquette. Hardly had to talk to either one of them!!!!

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