Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Geordie's Plans!

Thursday we will be heading over to Grannie and Grandpa's place for the long weekend (what I like to call American Victoria Day weekend, as I can never remember what it's really called!).
Tonight Geordie and I were discussing what he wants to do when we are in Wilmington. These are his plans, in this exact order;

1) go to "Chuck E Cheeses"
-he still has yet to be there, he sees the adverts on PBS and he knows that we pass one in Wilmington.

2) go to the BIG playground

3) play racing with Grandpa
-it doesn't matter what time we arrive in Wilmington, it could be noon or midnight. Right after hugs, Geordie makes sure everything is still in the same place and then gets out the dinkies (matchbox cars) for racing with Grandpa.

4) beach!

Callum's plans, I would say, revolve around beachin' it and working on the racecar (guess that's the 'big boy' version of Geordie's!)

Grandpa's plans, will revolve around the garage and being fed.

Grannie's plans, will revolve around everyone else's plans!!

As for mine...I'll get back to you!!!!


Callum said...

Sunday is the Monaco GP and the Indy 500.

Callum said...

And the water temp is 76 F today!