Thursday, May 29, 2008

School's out for Summer!!!

Down here school finishes in May. 'Summer' is June and July, it's weird!!! Thing is I couldn't imagine trying to concentrate in June down here with this amount of heat.
I am getting better with the heat. I was horrible! Actually, I couldn't even take the heat in Toronto the first year or two we were there. It's really hot there in the summer, compared to NS. I think that I have adjusted pretty well down here though. The first year, by this time I couldn't leave the house. It was horrible. Now, I could go for a walk in the middle of the afternoon.
Now, when we go home in the summer I find the weather perfect! Two years a go when we were home we went up to the Valley to visit my brother Russell, who was living there at the time. We had supper at a restaurant and we opted for eating outside (at that age outside was perfect because Geordie could semi-run around). Callum and I thought it was 'lovely', I vaguely remember thinking that I could do with a light cardigan. Meanwhile, Russell was sweating up a storm and thought it was hot as hell!!
When it comes to winter, after living in Toronto I don't find Halifax that cold. You would think with almost 5 years down here I would...but I don't!!
The other day when we were at the beach we were a little chilly, so chilly in fact that Geordie did this to stay warm after he had been in the water (it was even his idea)...

Funny thing is it would have been seen as an incredibly warm day back home! That day the temp was in the mid to high 20's (Celsius) and the water was around 22 (Celsius). We would have killed for that (at anytime) of the summer 'down Bayswater'.
We still had a great time. Callum enjoys body boarding and is quite good at it. He can even do it without the board... Of course Geordie wants to do it too. This is him getting started...

this is a video; click on the triangle

Of course 'the boys' also had to dig a big hole...

Now we are back in Temple, and I am enjoying Geordie being out of school. We don't have to be so rigid with bedtime and Geordie and I are having a good time together. We have great neighbours who Geordie loves to play with and he is at an age right now that he can go out and play with "ma' girls'' (seriously, that's what he calls them. Aaliyah and Kayla are 7/8 year old twins) and I am able to do things in the house while looking out every so often (we're also at the end of a cul-de-sac). Next week Geordie starts swimming lessons and I think we're going to start 'field trips' on Friday. I'll get back to you on that!! Once again, I am a great planner and ideas person...just not great on the follow through!!


chelle said...

I am a little nervous about summer here. I am used to HOT summers ... It better warm up soon, I am still wearing a coat!

Helen E.M. Wright said...

Funny, I would kill for that!!! ;)
Just keep thinking...when it's cold at least you can put a coat on and enjoy the day. When it's extremely can't do anything!!