Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some things are just unbelievable...

Today I was complimented on my organization skills. For those of you who know me you'll know that I am as far away from being organized as anyone can be!!!
Organization is just one trait (or would it be gene?) that I do not have. For some reason I find that it is more acceptable for the father to be unorganized than the mother. It used to bother me a little that I wasn't and I would try my hardest to be, but I actually found it more stressful being organized than not. I have totally accepted my unorganized ways and love them...what it comes down to is; I can MacGyver myself out of anything.
I have also come to love my mother-in-law's "I can't believe she hasn't lost my grandson but I'm not really showing it look" that I get once in awhile.

So, today...the exterminator was over and needed me to move things from under the sinks. When we moved back into the house a couple of months a go I decided that I was going to have 'throw baskets' everywhere. Example, we have a basket in the living room that we 'throw' all magazines, books, papers in to make everything look neat. I pretty much have one in each room and I did the same for closets and under sinks. I am horrible at putting things back, and Callum isn't that much better so this all made sense to me!!!
Well, when I pulled my baskets out from under the sink with various items that always end up under the sink. The man said, "that's great, I've never seen that!"
When I did the same thing to the bathrooms, he said, "I'm going to have to tell my wife about this..." and then went on about how great of an idea it is and how organized I was.
I quickly set him straight and told him that this was because I am not organized, I see it more as being an organized mess. Either way...I WAS COMPLIMENTED ON MY ORGANIZATION AND I WILL BE TELLING ALL ABOUT THIS FOR YEARS TO COME!!!!

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