Saturday, January 12, 2008

To decorate or not to decorate...

This year for Christmas we were not going to bother putting up any decorations since Geordie and I were leaving on the 16th and Callum on the 21st. Our plan was just to go home and decorate Nana and Grandad's tree. Well, Geordie really got into the whole decorating thing and wanted to do it so we went to Hobby Lobby and purchased a small tree, a set of lights and some ornaments (all for under $10...Americans do know about sales!). So Geordie decorated 'his tree'. There were some branches with six ornaments on it. It was quite a nice one area!
We went home and he then decorated Nana and Grandad's tree, which was his as well, of course! When Geordie was finished there was one 'lane' of ornaments going from top to bottom. If you looked straight on it looked great! Move a bit to the side, either way, and there was NOTHING! Again, there were branches that had 6 or 7 ornaments on it.
It did rival the Christmas tree from the late 80's or early 90's that my brother Greg did. My other brother Russell and I are still convinced that Greg stood back and threw the ornaments on.
Over a week a go I tried to take down our little tree. I took off all the ornaments and then Geordie walked into the room. Well...he would have none of that. He put all the ornaments back on and I figured that I would just take it down that night after he was in bed. A little bit later I was on the computer and heard a little banging and then a lot of 'scuffle', then it stopped. Geordie came running in and told me to 'come see'. He took me into his bedroom and there was the Christmas tree, with lights on, I might add, in his room. Geordie had taken the tree down off of the dining room table and brought it up the stairs to his room. It's still there now!!!

above: Geordie in the snow

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