Saturday, January 12, 2008

Being liked!

Last night we went to Chick-fil-A for supper. For those of y'all in the is a must!!! If you're ever down in these here parts, find one and go!!! Food is great, 9 times out of 10 they have a playground and the owner is a deeply religious man (can you believe that, down here?!?!?) who does not open on Sunday!!! Now for that alone, I would spend my money there!!! It annoys the hell out of me that people who are so dead set about following the bible and into their religious beliefs still find it fine to not have a day of rest!!!!
Anyway, back to my story... sometimes Geordie has a little bit of a weird fashion sense and we allow it. It comes to the whole 'biggies -vs- smallies'. You know, except for the fact that it might get on your nerves, is what your child doing hurting himself or anyone else? Is it going to make a huge impact on his life? If the answer is NO (a.k.a. a smallie) then we allow it. Save the negotiating for the 'biggies'!!!
Last night Geordie decided that he wanted to wear his ski goggles out. So we're getting out of the car and walking to the restaurant. Three or four teenagers are walking to their car, there was one guy and the rest were girls.
Well, they saw Geordie and did the whole, "look at him...he's wearing goggles...he's so cute" thing. Geordie turned and smiled at them and then turned back and said to us, "those ladies like me!"

above: the goggles and the diva!

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