Saturday, January 19, 2008

Alone and in need of help!!!!

Callum and I have been married for seven years, five months and one day. We got married on a Friday (at home in Halifax, NS) and moved away the following Tuesday (to Toronto, ON). This past week is the first time that we have really, really felt alone.
Trying to get the house back in shape after 'the incident' is really taking a toll. In the beginning we were a head of schedule, and thank goodness for that!! This past week I lost two days (one for Geordie being sick, the other because Geordie's school was canceled due to a 'winter storm'). This coming Monday is also a holiday so there is another day that I will not be able to do anything. On the weekends we have tried taking Geordie with us to 'help' but painting a closet only works for about 15 minutes, the portable DVD player only works for another what to do next!?!?! On top of that Geordie is also feeling the stress that we are going through which is not helping!!
We can't help thinking how different it would be if we were home!! Where we could easily drop Geordie off at 'the grandparents' and go do what we have to do. Where we wouldn't think twice about imposing on anyone!!! Here it's different. I finally broke down and did email some friends and they are all set to help out. It was hard to ask for help, I think that's why I emailed rather then called. The friends we have down here are great and I know that they would help out in any way possible, but they also have their own lives.
Also, not to say that we have not had any help...we have, and we have totally appreciated it.
It's just different!!! Sorry, can't explain's just different!!
Well, here's to us just getting through the next two weeks!!!

photo: Callum and I on our '6 month' wedding anniversary. We thought we should have received presents...nobody else did!!!

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