Monday, January 26, 2009

Washington Or Bust - prt II

sorry folks this is just going to be a lot of pictures;

Geordie and NJ decided that they were going to clean the little ones...

For some reason Geordie took Vivi and NJ took Noble:

On Monday we all went downtown;

Geordie had been on the TTC when he was 2 but has no memory of it so taking the Metro he was incredibly excited (as seen here):

Noble, being sweet and quiet as always!!

Viviana, who is one of my most favourite people in the whole entire world! I gave her a little bit of lip gloss...this is what happened:

Team Awesomely Awesome!

The Carousel on The National Mall:

The Smithsonian; Geordie with the giant squid:

The Butterfly Pavilion:

We passed by the skating rink in The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden on the way to the Smithsonian. Now Geordie has been bugging us for awhile to go skating. Recently when we were home at Christmas we took him to see his cousins play hockey. Guess what sport he wants to do now?!?

So we are sitting in the Smithsonian having our snack and suddenly both Geordie and NJ decide that today, right now, they are going to go skating for the first time. It was a year a go this week that they first learned how to drive a two wheeler (NJ just being four and Geordie not quite four). We couldn't say no! Even though my Canadian ways expressed the need for a helmet.

This is the end result...
Here Geordie is watching the Zamboni. Poor little southern girl NJ, when it first came out, didn't have a clue as to what it was! ;)

First out on the ice, neither Geordie or NJ had any fear... Callum had a little as he had never used figure skates! He was a little worried about 'the pic' situation!

Please click on this photo and look closer at their faces:

About to go: right back up!:
By the end they were both skating on their own. I know Geordie skated halfway around the whole rink by himself and did not fall once. NJ was the same way!!

As exciting as it was to be there for history in the making, I was touched more by the history we made with The Gray's. You forget how great it is to have another family around that are somewhat similar to your own. NJ is always up for anything that Geordie is and vice versa... and both parental units allow them. They could both swim on their own by the age of 3, even in the deep end. They were both driving a two wheeler early on. When The Gray's heard that Geordie was hanging out at the skate park (at age 2) they thought that was awesome and checked it out themselves...and that's only to name a few!!

It is a little hard to realize that we will never live in the same place again. We shared so much in the first almost 5 years. Instead I look forward to the great trips we are going to have together. We'll definitely be back to see them and I know they can't wait to some to Canada.
All I can say is Thank God for social networking!!

As for the trip back to Georgia. We did it in approximately 10 hours and 20 minutes with 3 stops. The night before we came back Callum ran out to get a couple of new movies for Geordie. We allow a DVD player with any trip over 3 hours. Recently we had a couple of movies that Geordie was into (Kunk Fu Panda, The Clone Wars & another I can't remember right now) but they would not work on his portable player.

Previously when I would go through the list (Shrek, Wallace & Grommit, Clifford, A Bugs Life, Toy Story, The Incredibles, Fox & Hound, Happy Feet, A Sharks Tale, Surfs Up) he would always ask for one of the other 3 that did not work. Depending on the time during the trip sometimes this would be the worst thing EVER!!!

We're in the car, about an hour into the drive (we always wait as long as we can before taking it out) and he asks for a movie.

We show him the new ones. He's excited.

Callum; "so which one do you want to see?"

Geordie; "hhhmmm, Clifford!"



Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

What beautiful little skating dolls!

It looks like a very joyful visit. A great opportunity and memory.

Thanks for sharing it!

Alaina Gray said...

We love your family so much! We miss you!

P.S. My knees just recovered yesterday from ice skating!

Chantal said...

Those are great photos. I have never been to DC it sure looks interesting. I can't get over that they only had figure skates to rent. Funny! HAHA! Glad they enjoyed it. We got our almost 4 year old on skates for the first time this week and he LOVES it!

chelle said...

Becca went skating for the first time in California ... she loved it but a bad mommy has yet to take her since!

Isn't it hard to say good bye to friends like that? I miss my California Mom friends so much!

XUP said...

Great photos. I feel like I was on the trip with you!! Goes to show you that spontaneous fun is the best fun.