Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Advice needed...and a few other things!

Geordie's fifth birthday is coming up and we are having it once again at the gymanstics centre. We had it there last year and he asked for it again. 

So, now I need some advice! One of his friends had it there a couple of weeks a go and some of the parents brought siblings...most without checking first. The way the centre works is you pay so much and you can have a certain amount of children, after that amount you pay per head. It's not exactly the actual payment that I have a problem with it's the fact that #1 Geordie does not know these other children and #2 having people just show up and expecting it to be okay. 

I was thinking of putting something on the invitation asking for them to inquire about other children. But then, what do I say when they tell me that they have to bring so-and-so? Do I say no? Do I charge them? Does this mean I need to have extra snacks?!?! Extra take home gifts?!? 
Where do I draw the line?!?

Geordie is on a priBacy kick!! Everything he needs to do he needs priBacy to do it in. 

He goes to the bathroom, he now wants to close the door, "I need my pribacy." Thing is the second he has his clothes off he streaks around the house. Does that make sense?!? He also has no problem walking in on someone else when they are trying to have some priBacy!!

On to other news.... I'm a friendly blog!!!! How great is that!!! Hope my mother sees that one!!! See I'm not just evil! I was told I am friendly over here! Hop on over!


Chantal said...

That is strange. I would never bring a sibling to a birthday party with prior permission from the birthday boys parents. And even then (and I only did this when it was at a movie) I paid for both our tickets. Strange.

My almost 4 year old is always asking for privacy and he also runs around the house naked flashing his butt in our our faces. Oh the many faces of our kids. :)

Stella said...

That's really a tough one. I would have never even considered bringing a sibling to a party that only one of my kids was invited to.

Could you say something like space is limited or something to that effect maybe to gently get the point across that it's really just for the invited child?

Congrats on the Friendly Blog! you DEFINITELY are!!

Alison said...

The Boy recently attended a birthday party at the movie theatre where the invitation said that drop off would be at a certain time and place and pick up would be at a certain time and place. I took that as a clear hint that parents/siblings weren't included. She asked for an RSVP by e-mail, and then sent out an e-mail to everyone replying with the list of first names of children attending. Honestly, as a parent, I like the invitation to let me know what the expectations of the birthday party are. I don't think anyone would be offended if you said that parents were welcome or not, that space was limited, that parents would need to be responsible for entry fees for younger siblings, etc., etc., as long as it was nicely stated. It makes it easier if you know what's expected!

Anonymous said...

Give him his pribacy and ask for the same courtesy in return.

I'd go with Alison's suggestion. The drop-off, pick-up thing is good so parents know they don't have to and should not stick around. The RSVP thing I imagine is standard, right? Make sure the invited kid's name is prominently displayed on the inside and outside of the invitation.

If they're still rude enough to bring extra kids, I see no reason why you can't be a teensy bit rude back and suggest that Jr. might be happier spending some quality alone time with Mom rather than with the big kids. And if that doesn't get the message across, say "I'm sorry, but we've booked this party for X number of kids only"

much more than a mom said...

Around here we have family parties where the whole family comes so I've never had to deal with that, but I'm interested to see what everyone says!

We do the privacy thing too, followed by bare asses in front of the picture window. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a mom, but I am a teacher :) To make it a bit fun and possibly crafty, I would include an "admission ticket" in the invitation for the specific children that are invited. Have their name nice and clear on it (even go so far to do the "admit one"). You could even make it a fun prize draw by telling them when they arrive they need to pass in the ticket to you at the door for a prize draw. Like I said, I'm not a mom, bdays might be completely different than classroom groupings :P

Good luck with it Helen (I always knew you are friendly:P)


chelle said...

Like MuchMore... We have always hosted family parties but at like a park or the house so at no real cost.

I would never assume my other children were invited HOWEVER Americans (this is a gross generalization) tend to NEED to be TOLD exactly the road or they have the tendency to take advantage without even realizing it.

Tell them how it is, nicely (you are still Canadian)! hehe

ewe are here said...

I like the 'admission ticket' idea above...

otherwise I would just be honest. If you know there might be parent/smaller children with no place to go issues, state on the invite that while younger siblings are welcome, the center will be charging them X amount at the door.

A Buns Life said...

Just say NO! Tell them you only paid for a certain number of children that you invited....I personally would never THINK of bringing a sibling...but I have heard of others doing it.