Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...

This is going around on facebook. I did it there, so I'm killing 2 birds with 1 stone and pasting it here as well...

1. I cannot stand the colour red! I would go so far as to say I HATE IT!

2. I do/say, then think. I have small frontal lobes!

3. For the first 12 years of my life I thought that there were only 3 religions. Catholic, Protestant and 'study'. Those were the only 3 classes that were offered at school so I totally thought that was it. Can you tell that I didn't pay that much attention in class?!? 

4. I would love to go to a psychiatrist/psychologist. Someone listening while you talk about great is that?!?!?

5. I would like to live in Europe for a 'spell'!

6. My feet increased a whole size after pregnancy. 

7. I am NOT a finisher. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if Geordie did not have to be delivered by c-section!

8. I thrive in chaos! Love it!

9. I do much better in a male dominated 'situation'. 

10. I love floorplans. Sometimes I think I should have gone into architecture.

11. Sometimes half way through a story I think, "why am I telling this"...and totally forget the point, as well as where I am in the story.

12. My nostrils flare when I drum. My mother thinks this is one of the funniest things. 
Thing is I cannot flare them on command...only when I drum!

13. If I do not like you, you know it. I'm not good at hiding that.

14. I secretly categorize people into 3 categories; knowledgeable, intelligent or both. A lot of people who you think are intelligent are actually just knowledgeable...they couldn't work themselves out of a cardboard box!

15. I am bossy. My brothers call it something else though...

16. I will NEVER own a mini van. Callum knows this and he respects it! Grew up with one when they first came out. Needless to say, I only ONCE EVER drove the 'downtown route' in Hali. Christmas Day of grade 10  JP talked me into it. I think we were the only vehicle on the road, or people for that matter.

17. Speaking of JP, I "taught" him how to drive in the father still doesn't know this. ;)

18. Callum has described my personality as, "it would wear bright pink to a funeral".

19. It freaks me out when people speak in Christianesse. I cringe when I am told to, 'have a blessed day!'. It just weirds me not used to it! 

20. When I first met Callum I used to get him and his best friend mixed up. They were both cute with 'not-so-perfect' teeth. ;)

21. Along with a couple of friends (I will leave out your name Leslie); we used to put googly-eyes on leaves and try and sell them for a quarter. Nobody ever bought them, one older man gave us money but refused to take one.

22. I would prefer to think, "I wish I HAD NOT done that" then, "I wish I HAD done that". 
I have some of both.

23. I cannot get over how thick the eas'coast Canadian accent is. 

24. Sometimes I forget that I have to give a little and not just take!

25. The smell of pot reminds me of St. Pat's dances.


ewe are here said...

Oooh, floorplans, love them.

I used to think I should have been an architect, too.

much more than a mom said...

Heh. I have never met anyone who actually hates a colour! I'm with you on the Christianese - my huz's distant relatives are like that and it's totally freaky.

When I got tagged for this on facebook, I told them to go read my blog!

Elena said...

Helen, I wish that I could comment on every one of your 25 facts. They are hilarious and so very sweet. I love the way Callum describes your personality and I had completely forgotten about 'study'. I just remember that that's where Steven Sadoway went (do you ever wonder about him?). I love the googly eyes on leaves; if only we could retain some of that innocence. And, the c-section comment was the best. Gotta go, dave is attempting to communicate.

mr + mrs ruddick said...

LOL! you got some blogging talent, lady, but i guess you already knew that..

chelle said...

hehehe My feet increased a whole size after pregnancy <---- ME TOO! UGH@

Louise said...

haha I remember "Catholic, Protestant, and study". I got special dispensation from my mother to go for "study".

Chantal said...

I was just tagged for this on facebook too. Guess I will have to do it. Eventually :)