Friday, January 23, 2009

Washington Or Bust - prt I

Well, we made it to DC. We left Friday around 6:00 pm and drove 4 hours stayed in a hotel in N.C. and then drove the rest of the way on Saturday.

Geordie had no idea where we were going. On Friday after I told him that we will be staying in a hotel that night we were out running errands;

Geordie: "Mummy, I hope the hotel is in Washington!"

Me: "Why?"

Geordie: "Then we can see NJ!"

My mother is convinced he's psychic!

We get to The Gray's and Geordie does not recognize their car.

Geordie: "Is there a boy here?"

Me: "Yes, he's 2."

Geordie: "Are there other children?"

Me: "Yes, 2 girls, one is 2 and the other is 5"

We get up to the door, he's hiding a little behind me. The door is opened and it's NJ;

Geordie: "NORA JANE?!?!?!"

He was completely stunned. I'm not sure what we expected, we did think that he would dance around or something but he hardly did. He seemed to be more in shock. 30 seconds later they were playing!

Sunday Geordie went to church with The Gray's and Callum and I went down to The National Mall (which I will admit I thought was an actual Mall!). The Inaugural Concert was going on at The Lincoln Memorial, which was beside The Mall.

It was spectacular, spectacular!!!
The atmosphere was amazing. It was peaceful, friendly, and magical. Sounds lame, doesn't it?!?! But there is no other way to describe it.

Here are a few pics...
The arrival of the Obama's

Jon Bon Jovi

Herbie Hancock

Sheryl Crow


James Taylor

People were finding seats EVERYWHERE!

I actually enjoyed the Inaugural Concert more than the actual Inauguration. Don't get me wrong...both were spectacular but where the concert was less formal there just seemed to be a more laid back feel.

With Garth Brooks performance it was awesome to watch the crowd;

But this was my favourite performance! I love James Taylor and I'm beginning to really enjoy John Legend and Jennifer Nettles;

While the Inaugural Concert was very multicultural the Inauguration seemed to be mainly African American. One thing I noticed was how much people dressed up. Especially the older generation. Everyone was out in their Sunday bests, and they all looked GREAT! It really was a special time.

The Inauguration was crazy! So many people! Thing is, again, everyone was in such good spirits it was fine that you couldn't move, or that you were stuck behind a tree and could only see part of the screen. You were all there experiencing this great event almost didn't feel the cold!

Callum & Geordie


The Swearing In!

Callum & Geordie making friends!

The Speech!

Getting back to The Gray's was a little difficult...

It was a little busy! What is usually a 30 minute travel time took 2 hours.

Usually I'm not into the paraphernalia but on this day it just worked!

...and Geordie got a new t-shirt!

This was the best last minute decision we have ever made...and if you know me well you know that I'm always making last minute decisions!!!!

Did you watch the events?


Chantal said...

That sounds so amazing. I wish we could have been there. I watched it on TV at home with my sick 7 year old begging me to put it on YTV already! LOL

Stella said...

I am so very jealous of you and your trip to DC! I LOVE your pictures!
I watched most of the festivities and I was in awe. It was an incredible piece of history!

much more than a mom said...

How awesome that you got to do that, and the Geordie did too! And I'm so glad he got to play with NJ - that's too cool.

Michelle said...

We watched the events. I think folks in Canada were as excited as people in the US (maybe more so then some of your immediate neighbours!) There is actually a sign in my little sub-burb that says "Obama Says Yes We Can". Not a small sign either. I guarantee Harper couldn't say anything that would be "sign worthy"

chelle said...

Wow. What an experience. Good for you guys to make it there!

I watched a little after the fact. I was a tad concerned showing the kids, in case something bad happened. I know I am silly but he has brought so much hope and America doesn't really hope well.

Mandy said...

i'm soooooooooooooooooo jealous!

Marie said...

Oh Helen, as usual, I really enjoyed your blog. It was so informative and personal. It got me caught up in Obamamania again! Looking forward to reading more. What a fabulous experience for Geordie... whether he knows it now or not.

Anonymous said...

A world changing event and you were you said, who cares if you couldn't see were there for it! We put it on at school for the kids to watch. It was exciting to even see it happen real-time on t.v. I can't imagine the feeling at the Mall!