Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #12

Here are thirteen things that have kept me away from blogging...

1) Going home for Christmas. 
          -what was supposed to be an eleven hour trip with 3 flights turned into a  thirty-six hour trip with 2 flights, a hotel and a drive from Boston to Hali.

2) Just feeling blah...not in the mood

3) Starting my finance class.

4) Pouring over and

5) Researching real estate agents and property management companies.

6) Trying to find vegetarian recipes that will fill us up!!
         - switching to 3 veggie meals for supper has become hard when what you eat doesn't fill you AND you're tired of chili like stuff or eggs! Any suggestions...please feel free!

7) Getting rid of 'the pot'!!
         - okay, truth, I actually didn't! I was cleaning the fridge, I asked Callum to come here and as soon as he walked into the kitchen I shoved it into his hands and told him to take it outside. 10 minutes later it was just like new!! LOVE PADERNO!!! I have actually had my paderno pots for almost 9 years and they have just, in the last year, started looking used!

8) Knit 1 purl 2. Actually it's more of a knit 4 purl 4.

9) Making gifts...different from #8

10) Reading. Been reading A LOT lately! It's nice to get lost in that...

11) Playing games with Geordie....and I'll admit it! I don't let him win!! 

12) Re-organizing; it's a never-ending-process

13) Just wanted to see if anyone would miss me!!!   ;)

Much more to tell...we'll be catching up in the next little while!


Jaclyn said...

I still can't believe I didn't even run into you over Christmas. SUCH a crime! I guess I'll just get my Geordie fix online. :)

I've got some GREAT vegetarian recipes - I gave up meat for Lent for a few years, so I needed some good ones. Here's one I posted on my blog a while ago

I'll try to compile a few more of the good ones and send them to you!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Of course I missed you! I was busy with similar things, except for the knitting. ;-)

A Buns Life said...

I've missed you! I hope you are doing ok!

chelle said...

You DROVE from Boston to Halifax?!?!? Wow!
Missed you lots. When are you coming home? hehe

Michelle Kostya said...

Welcome back. Workopolis.CA? Does that mean you are finally coming back?

Chantal said...

There you are! I don't let my kids win when I play games with them either! :)

Mandy said...

I'm addicted to crack for the would-be homeowner.

Anonymous said...

I've been veg for about 25 years now, so I've lots of ideas. Where to begin? I assume when you say you don't want chili-type stuff, you mean you don't want one-pot things? There are lots of great veg cook books out there --that's a good place to start. I wouldn't trust the internet recipes too much, some of them are kind of iffy. What kinds of things do your family enjoy?