Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guess what?!?! Your S#@T does stink!!

So there is a big commotion going on up in Canada, eh!?!?

Has anyone heard about it?!? Probably not!
Unless you go out of your way in this country you don't know about anything that happens outside of it!

This was a couple of days a go...

There is really not much to say. I am not surprised by this at all!! We've been dealt with numerous ignorant words from people. It's not all their fault. Seriously! There are not many opportunities to learn about other countries here... unless you take the time yourself! Hopefully the new government will change that!

A little over a month a go this email was going around down here;

"We have just found out that hidden in the so called stimulus package is the creation of Universal Healthcare including the rationing of care for certain age groups. This Universal Health care plan is a duplicate of the Canadian system and will destroy healthcare as we know it. Please contact your Senators, Chambliss and Isakson, and tell them to take Universal Healthcare OUT of the stimulus package!! "

I would make a bet that 95% of the people that forwarded this off have never been outside this country. Have never experienced anything outside this country...so how can they criticize another's ways?!?

There is way too much to say about how this country sees itself and those outside of it. It does need to wake up! Here's an example of how some things can be done!

Meanwhile, Bill Maher (who, before moving down here I thought was a little too over the top, I now think is spot on!) says it best...and this was 2 years a go when many things were not as bad as they are now!

* on a side note...not all Americans are like this. It's just unfortunate that there are so many that are.
Also, just asking but what flag are American backpackers told to wear when traveling around the world?!?!?!



chelle said...

Canadians are so annoyed with Fox News right now. It is funny 'cause it take so much to ruffle our feathers but come on ... like ALL our police ride horses! Just b/c our cops are paid well (compared) and do not feel the need to kick the crap out of everyone doesn't mean they are not effective.

Chantal said...

OMG I hadn't listened to it in its entirety until now. That is INSANE. Are they just stupid? For goodness sakes, they are making all good Americans look bad!

jenabelle said...

Since I work in Canadian health care, is there some way that one of you Americans could kindly let me know about these rations? We are clearly doing it wrong, as we are not following these rules you claim we have. If you'd be so kind as to let me know what these rations are, I will kindly tell my colleagues, and begin to abide by these rules ASAP.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

They're all such dumb, ignorant flucks, I can't even get too excited about their inane ramblings. Don't they get it? When someone in a relationship says, "I want to take a break" it's a nice way of dumping them. When Canada says they want to take a break from the war, what we're really saying is we've had enough of this crap that your stupid president started and we're bailing....but we can still be friends, right? Bwah-ha-ha

much more than a mom said...

Unfortunately there are so many stupid Americans that make all of the bazillions of lovely and smart ones look like idiots right along with them (because the good ones rarely make news). Wow. The ignorance is amazing.

Mandy said...

Hi Helen,

Sorry I've been out of the commenting loop lately. Life's been too crazy.

You're right that this video has been causing no end of dissent up here. People are not happy, even knowing that it is supposed to be an exaggeration. There's a facebook group dedicated to this clip.

For my part, I love Americans, but the extreme red neck views spouted from ignorance make it hard for the rest of the world to see the US in a positive light. Moderate conservatives need to get a grip on the fanatical right, in my opinion. Otherwise, they sound like nothing but uneducated navel-gazers. And frankly, I know America as a whole is better than that.

(Personally, I'd be happy if Fox news just dropped right off the map. But I know that's wishful thinking.)

Elena said...

Ok, for a slightly different point of view: these people exist in Canada too. Also, Canadian healthcare ain't all it's cracked up to be. Wait times are way too long and we don't have access to lots of treatments that you do south of the border. There are serious flaws in socialised medicine which cripple the system and lower the standard of care.