Friday, March 6, 2009

Fumbling on a Friday

We have been up to a lot lately. It seems like I haven't had much time to sit down at the computer. I'm busy doing a course and Callum is studying his bum off working on his PMP, house is on the market (again) with an agent and last but not least we're just trying to get everything done!!

Meanwhile, Geordie is growing up!! I know, sounds silly, but lately some things have just been happening that make me a little sad. It's quite funny since he's always been incredibly independent.

Earlier this week Geordie decided that it was time to get rid of his booster seat (we have never used the cover!) at the kitchen table. I wanted to cry.

His mind is working at an incredibly fast pace and the thoughts that are coming out are crazy!
Like always, he misses nothing! and it seems to be even worse now.

Here was supper the other night...

Callum: going on and on and on and on (some might even say whine) for a little over a minutes about how he just wants to come home from work, sit down, talk, eat, not have to negotiate with Geordie...blah, blah, blah, blah...

Geordie: staring straight ahead and not look at anyone, "I guess everyone needs to go to bed early tonight because some people are cranky!"

Geordie actually jumped up to the bars by himself...I just missed it! :(

Luckily he still loves hugs and kisses!!!!

As for me, I have switched doctors and this office is great! Really enjoy them and they are doing tests and trying to figure things out rather than just tell me what might be happening.

So far things are good. Waiting to hear back from some blood tests but I did have a HSG and everything was normal.


Stella said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for answers for you!!!

Chantal said...

They do grow so fast don't they. I am just about to switch my M from a car seat to a booster and he is so excited and I could just cry!!!

much more than a mom said...

They do grow SO fast. It's wonderful and sad at the same time. Great pic of the gym!

I hope you get good results!

chelle said...

He is so athletic!! w00t!
They grow up way too fast, my daughter wants the basement bedroom! AHHH!

Totally sending you positive vibes!

Jaclyn said...

Glad your HSG was normal - I hope you get answers soon. GOOD answers, at that!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...


Mandy said...

Hope you get the answers you need to your questions!

Geordie is a cutie... I love when I hear my own words fired back at me from a preschooler. Shows they're paying attention at least. :)