Monday, March 16, 2009

Much To Say About Nothing

It's been awhile since I really wrote. Even then, far in between each post. Just don't really feel like it. I think we are in a bit of a rut. We are at a stand still for moving. Callum is working hard on his studies for his PMP, I'm working on my class, plus checking out jobs which I then send off to Callum to put in for. Sometimes it just seems that the end is nowhere in sight.

We are signing Geordie up for school here. We figure it's a Murphy's Law thing and if we don't sign him up, we'll be here. We go in on Thursday, with Geordie to register. He goes in one room and is tested, we go in another and fill out paper work...or so we're told. As soon as I heard the word test I wanted to scream! I know this society is huge for it's testing but before you even start school?!?! I can sign Geordie up back home by faxing in a form...that's it.

The house has been up for over a month. We had one family come for a showing the other day. Just came up and knocked on the door. Unfortunately Callum was home sick so we couldn't show it. As the estate agent said, "we're not used to someone living in the house that is for sale". There are 14 foreclosures in our neighbourhood. Well, 11 and 3 you can tell are about to be foreclosed on due to all the notices on their door.

I know, I know, it could be worse!!
I could be in Bahrain without electricity or gas!! ;)



much more than a mom said...

How true - it could always be worse! But good luck getting home...there's no place like home!

Chantal said...


chelle said...

aww wow how hard!!! Hang in there!! So totally rooting for you!

mr + mrs ruddick said...

helen - it will get better! you have been waiting patiently and good karma is coming your way, i just know it!!! you have a loving family that is healthy - that's what really matters, the rest will fall in place, it just has to! thinking of you! aim & chris

Elena said...

on a totally different tack. we test for kindergarten up here and it's actually a pretty good idea as the teacher atleast knows where the different kids stand when they arrive in september. i imagine that they'll ask him to line up blocks from least to greatest, cut some paper (jacob failed this!) and write his name,not an IQ test!
hey, the word verification is 'modibize' - kinda like mobilise - maybe this is a sign that you will soon be moving...