Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Please don't hate me because of my socialist ways...

Been here for 5 years!

All under the Bush administration.

The first year, I'll forgive you for!

The last four...not so much.

As most of you know, this place is not exactly the best fit for us. Before moving here, we realized it was 'the belt' and that culturally we are very different but we didn't think that it would matter that much!

It does.

People thought I would move to the right in my beliefs living here.

I didn't, I moved more to the left!

Politically and religiously we are worlds apart from most of the people who surround us.
The democrats are too right for us!

Luckily we have made some great friends.

Not all Americans are loud and obnoxious... nor are all closed minded and ignorant.

We have tried to surround ourselves with these people. Kept the others out!

We have had people on many occasions say in our presence, "they're not Christian so they don't have good morals" -that's word for word

Callum met someone once and the first thing they said to him was, "if it wasn't for us you would be speaking German!".

I have had an educated woman ask me, "well, if you have gun laws in Canada how do you protect yourself if your government turns against you?"

Then there are the people who have argued with me about universal healthcare and what it's "really" like and how bad taxes are. Even though they have never lived outside their county or visited outside their country!

My son is American. He is also Canadian and Scottish!
I think of him as Canadian first. It wasn't his fault he was born here. ;)

Last night was great and I'm glad that we are here to be a part of it.

Last night I was proud of you, my son's country.

You're taking the steps to becoming more like Canada!! ;)



mr + mrs ruddick said...

been waiting ALL DAY for something to come out of you! loved the rant!

Chantal said...

I just read the post you linked to about making friends. It really is so hard to make friends as adults and to add big social and philosophical differences to the mix must make it even harder. I am an intensely social person and I found it hard not being able to make close connections. It is why I got into blogging :)

Chantal said...

oh ya and WOO HOO Obama

Lost in Transition said...

Last night was pretty freaking amazing! Excellent post! Change is in the horizon, that we know for sure now....

Michelle Kostya said...

I don't lnow how you don't reach out and slap some of these folks everyday! All kidding aside, I am envious I would much rather Barack Obama than Stepen Harper...

Actually there was a daily poll on sympatico in Canada: who we would vote for in US election...77% for Obama. That's practically unanimous for popular vote. Maybe the next election Canadians can vote for some change if the Liberals nominate a worthy candidate.

xup said...

Unfortunately, some of Canada is taking steps to become more Bush American. Our Prime Minister for instance, would have loved McCain to win. It's amazing how important this Obama win was to so many people all over the world. Bloggers in Australia, the UK, Canada and beyond posted how they were glued to their TVs with their fingers crossed.

Kellan said...

It was a great day - for sure!!

Take care - Kellan

Huckdoll said...

Oooooh yeah!

I LOVED this post. Loved.

Oh...I am also Canadian ;)