Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cult or Classic?!?!?!?

This is Geordie's second year in nursery school. He really enjoys it, therefore, we enjoy it!!! Down here things are a little different than in Canada. It seems that childcare does not seem to be all that important here. Anyone can have a daycare and anyone can work with children, all you need is a police check (that comes out good!). As much as experience is an asset, education is something that should not be overlooked and I find that it is when teaching younger children here.
So...we go with the flow and the flow down here has nursery school programs at churches. Last year Geordie went to a Baptist program this year it's a Christian program, we joke that we are doing the rounds. As well, that anything that they do to him at this age, we can undue!!
Just before Easter, Geordie's school had a 'little presentation', well this was (part of) it...

That, "oh, goodness" was me. I found it a little, well, weird. First of all Christian rock...never heard of it till we moved down here (and did you know that there is Christian RAP also?!?!?!?). Thing is really you could take any song and instead of using him or her you could use God, think The Beatles could have sang, "I love God, yeah, yeah, yeah" (also see Sister Act movie). But for some reason because it is under the heading Christian rock it feels weird!!!
Watching this performance (and this was only the beginning), there were two or three more songs and a verse from the bible where all the children first named the verse (you know John 23:1 type of thing) I started to understand how easy it is to form a cult. The whole thing just seemed very cult-like, or at least the beginnings of one.
Question is...why did I think that?!?!? If they had sang something that I would refer to as a 'normal' children's song and said some nursery rhymes all together I would have thought nothing of it. I know, it's because its not what I'm used too but still. It wasn't necessarily that I was frightened for my life, more just thinking, there is no way that my child can stay much longer.
I would say that I was raised 'in the church' (in other words, I went) but I do realize it's definitely different than being raised 'in the church' down here. Back home, my parents were very involved in the church when I was growing up from choir to running the youth group; at least that puts me up a couple of pegs down here to some when I tell them that (usually those who say, "they're not Christian so they don't have good morals", and that's word for word!). Thing I don't tell is how my father always picked the same song every year at camp to sing at the service, 'Let Heaven Rejoice' on page 666 and that the statue of Mary used to disappear.

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Alison said...

"You guys are shining the light at Jesus"??? My kid would have been off that stage before the first verse finished. But then I wasn't "raised in the church", so I obviously "don't have good morals".