Friday, April 18, 2008

3 Stitches!

Geordie had his first trip to the emergency room yesterday. Am I surprised that this was his first at age 4...a little! Am I surprised that it was for just a regular old trip up the stairs and not for some kind of dare devil antic...DEFINITELY!!!!
As the story goes, Geordie had a fall at the school playground on Wednesday. He was climbing up the ladder and his foot missed a step. The school called me but I was writing an exam, so they Callum. He quickly went to the school picked Geordie up and went to the ER. In Callum's words,
"It was quite a deep cut [his skull was visible] so he had to get stitches".
All this was going on and I had no idea. When I finally finished my exam and was driving back I called Callum, who I thought would be at the skate park with Geordie as the plan was for Callum to get off a little early from work to pick him up. So Callum gives me the don't worry but we're at the hospital type speech. Which I felt was not needed as I was okay, maybe because I had myself set up for how I totally have myself set up for thinking that one night when Geordie is like, say, 13 he's going to come home drunk! Although, hopefully not by coolers...GREG!
Anyway, finally got to the hospital and when I arrived, BOTH Geordie and Callum were sitting there eating a Popsicle, everything done, and then I saw the amount of blood on Geordie's shirt...
Supposedly he was really great about the entire process, not once did he shed a tear. The teacher's at his school couldn't get over that when it did happen he cried for about 30 seconds and then that was it. So now Geordie is walking around like this...

For some reason Geordie thinks that this is a nice picture face! It doesn't even look like him!!!

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Alison said...

Umm, wasn't it like peach schnapps or something for his dad?

Heads bleed way more than they should.