Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bunny Hill or Ski Bunny?!?

Last week on what was 'Family Day' we all went skiing.

It was my first time.

Never really thought of skiing as being my thing. I have always been strong in sports just never really liked the idea of doing something that you can fall at. Fail, I do not have a problem with, fall...totally different story.

Same thing with skating. Although I can do it, and took lessons as a child. I remember not really enjoying it, I was timid because I was always afraid of falling.

Thing is we have a trip coming up, a ski trip, for March Break. We all know that Geordie can ski, remember?!? Well, we figured that I should learn so that Callum could have some time to do the trickier hills and Geordie would not have to stay off the hills at that time.

So, last Monday up to Martock we went...

Both Geordie and I had a lesson. Different instructors, of course. Geordie's lesson was on the big hill. Mine started on a very small hill; far away from the bunny hill. While Geordie was learning French fry turns and hockey stops I was learning pizza turns and snowplow stops.

So, here is Geordie. This is now our retirement plan...

Notice the backwards skiing, first time doing that. Wish we had filmed him by the end of the day. He could go front to back and back to front again and again in the blink of an eye.

Then there is me. Well, I do not have the NO FEAR of Geordie but I was much better than I thought I would be. When I put on the boots, I thought that I would hate it! Those are the most uncomfortable things to wear!

So I have my lesson, I do okay. I fell once...and you know what?! I didn't get hurt. Once I had the fall behind me I was fearless! Okay, maybe I wasn't but it makes for such a better story!

After my lesson Callum and Geordie joined me on the bunny hill and we all went down together. Well, Callum stayed by me, Geordie went down, back up and down again in the one time it took us to go down.

Finally, my third time going down after my lesson went great, or so I thought...

Here are the thoughts that were going through my head as I go down the bunny hill ;

- I can't believe I'm going this fast...ALREADY!!!
- I'm a natural!!
- Why is this the first time I'm trying this?!?
- I'm too awesome to start so late!
- Sure, not as good as Jenn Heil but I'm sure she was just like me!
- The possibilities that I threw away by not skiing until now?!
- I could have been an Olympian!!
- The speed I am going is unreal!
- The hill is going to use me as an example to all

yes, all these thoughts, and more...

Now, of course I prefer to show my Princessy, gorgeous, totally put together side but here, for one time only, I will show my, well, spazzy side. Very few people see this...and yes, I am sharing it with y'all!!

When watching, please remember all the thoughts that were going through my head while this is taking place...and that the camera adds 10lbs! ;)

I have a problem with staring at my feet as I go making me look even more spazzy...
The next time I went down, again, the same thoughts were going through my head until Geordie passes me going much, much faster; does a hockey stop in front of me; turns around and starts skiing backwards saying, "Mummy!! You're doing great!! Come on!! You Can Do It!! Just follow me!!"

Bubble burst!
Then I see the video...now I question EVERYTHING I have ever done where I thought I did a great job and looked cool!! :(



Lost in Transition said...

Good job Helen! If it's any consilation, I wouldn't have done nearly that well. I remember we went with Oxford back in the day and I crashed into the T-Bars and that was the last time I was on skis. Then for some reason when I was living in Banff, I let me friend talk me into snow boarding, and there are no really bunny hills in Banff! Loved IT! But I am scared of hights so I panic on the chair lift and don't quite get the concept of how to get off of it. So I will usually crash there and get back up and fairly smooth ride..lol..Looking like a for real spaz, but smiiling and having fun the whole time. That's really what matters.

chelle said...

I think you did awesome!
What matters is that you are on the hill skiing!

Stella said...

AWESOME job! We should definitely ski together because we're about the same!

I think it's great that you guys are out there and doing it! :)

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