Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It has been three months and fourteen days that we have been back in The Great White North, eh?! -and that is one of the only times that I have said "eh"! I will admit to making statements sound like questions though!

I'll take you back to October; the travel up was great! Callum's brother came down and helped us drive back. One 26ft Uhaul with trailer carrying our car and our other car driving in convoy. We broke up the drive over five days.

Day one saw not one, but two flat tires. Luckily it happened when we were parking the Uhaul at the hotel in the evening.

Day two was a long day of driving but all were in good spirits and Callum's brother was a demon with the Uhaul! A demon in a good way...he left 15 minutes before us and we never caught up to him!

Day three we took out the brand new Nintendo was a quiet day.

Day four; Freeport...need I say more?!? -although when shopping Freeport do not go with 3 males!

Day five was the home stretch! We stayed the night before in Houlton, ME so that we would be fresh for the border crossing. All paperwork was in order, plus copies of everything just in case! Stopped on the US side to deal with the cars (one is Canadian the other American). That took about 15 minutes.

Then on to the Canadian side...lots of paperwork but we had everything that was needed. Finished in about 20-30 minutes then the Customs person smiles at us and says, "Welcome back!". That was it, we were done. They didn't even look in the cars let alone open the truck. Callum was mad! All that strategical packing...

Walking back to the cars;

Callum: "Well, we're Canadian again!"

Geordie: "I don't like Canadians."

An hour later he was back to being happy about being Canadian!

Now he is loving it!! First day of skiing, after one lesson he was ready for the big hill;

...although once in a while he will remind us that when he's 18 he is moving back to Georgia.



daysgoby said...

Yay! Glad your winter is going well.... and WELCOME HOME!

chelle said...

Welcome home!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you again! I've been wondering whatever became of you after you jumped into that U-Haul. You'll have to do some comparison blog posts. It would be nice to know what things you miss from the US; what things you are glad to have back, etc.

Chantal said...

Your boy is such an athlete! Welcome back for sure!

CW said...

we miss chik-fil-a

Anonymous said...

Free viral memes, internet memes, and epic fails said...

Very cute video, thanks for sharing :) said... great point. Can't agree anymore.<B said...

always wanted to try skiing lol