Monday, February 8, 2010

So! I Ran a 1/2 Marathon...

...and lived!!! Although, let me tell you, it was very shaky towards the end!

The morning started out great. I was psyched that it was at 9AM! We usually have runs at 8:30AM and I am NOT a morning person. Could not do it to save my life! I'm totally one of those '5 minutes makes so much of a difference in the morning' type so having a whole half hour?!? Pure Heaven!

Anyway... it was said that it was -10C (14F). Although it felt cold, I did not think that it was THAT cold! The gals that I have latched on to all met up and then we went to the starting post.

You see us? We're in the back!
Doing something I like to call 'penguining' (see Happy Feet if unsure of that one!) do you see us?

Don't worry...neither do I! This is just here to give you an idea.
On to the run;

Started out great, there wasn't as much talk as there usually is but all was good!
It was a little annoying when the wind was against you. Then you think, great it will be behind us when we come back! Think again...this is Nova Scotia! The wind changes in the blink of an eye! Therefore, the wind seemed to almost always be against us!

Half way through I had to stop to un-stuff my socks that were bunching up under my toes. Let me tell you, THAT HURTS! Lesson learned; do not wear socks that you have only worn on shorter runs.

Then we're on the last bit... 0.6K left to be exact (0.372822 mi). Almost to the top of the steep hill that is at the end. I start to feel nauseous. I try to ignore it. It's getting worse. I mention it to my amazingly super understanding great running friend. Next thing I know I'm finding it hard to focus and all I'm hearing is, "Helen! Helen! Look at me!" over and over.

At this point here is what is running through my head;

1) I'm going to faint! Why am I going to faint?!? There's only .6 left!!

2) Kelly needs to leave me! I'm close I will be fine! She needs to go! I can't ruin this for her!

3) OH NO!!! I'm not going to make it!! I have come this far.

4) am I going to finish it?!? Do you think I can crawl?

My friend squirts Gatorade in my mouth. I sit down, she stuffs jelly beans in my mouth. Seriously! She holds my face and stuffs them in! At this point I remember her saying, "they fell on white snow, it's okay!". In her haste to get the beans out for me they all fell out of her pocket. Would love to see how the dog acts who finds those.

A minute or two later we were walking out of the park and then running the rest of the way. At that point I felt great! We were at the end and what makes it even better is having the rest of the crew at the end yelling for you...and bacon!


You don't seriously think that I got away with it that easily do you?!?

Finished the Half, gave out hugs, put in my popsicle stick number, went on about the 'about to faint' situation. Then, walking to the car, in the parking lot... slip on some ice and WHAM!, down on the ground!

Best feeling in the world! That cold ice and snow on my back and legs...well, I highly recommend it to anyone after a half marathon! :)

Here's to my first half and great running mates!

Next one is in May! :oP



Lost in Transition said...


nicole from much more than a mom said...

Wow, good for you!! I ran one in 2000 and it was great. Haven't run more than 10k at a time since!

Anonymous said...

Excellent achievement! Funny thing about marathons. People who've never done one always have this thought in the back of their minds that "one day" they'll do one. And you'd think once they've done it they'd be happy and move on. BUT NOOOOO... once you've done one then you have to do another and another and another in all different places. It's like getting tattooed -- you can't stop at just one! I'll see you at the Ottawa marathon one of these days, right?

Chantal said...

WOW that is awesome! I have never run more than a 5K. I am very anxious to get back to training. My former running buddy has moved on to halfs and now I will have to run alone or join her... Not sure. YAY for you! You ROCK.

chelle said...

You seriously ROCK!

Whitney said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! said...

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