Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The World According to Geordie...

4200ft, Saddleback, Maine

Geordie's new song (to the tune of Frere Jacques); "Obi Wa-an, Obi Wa-an, Obi Wan, Obi Wan, Obi-Obi-Wa-an, Obi-Obi-Wa-an, Obi Wan, Obi Wan"


Walking to school I go to hold Geordie's hand, he says, "no thank you! It kind of gives me the creeps."


Geordie decided to give Callum a hockey party during the Olympics (the Canada/USA game). We made him chicken nachos, wings and bread/dips; even brought him a beer. He decorated with balloons. Red & White. He found 2 blue; "Mummy, I'm going to put the blue balloons down in the basement cause those are USA colours and we don't want to see those."


Geordie is on a bit of a nickname kick. If your name is one syllable, he makes it more. If it is more than one, he makes it one. The other day he decided to give Nana a nickname; he told her that he was going to call her Jake.


We're having a little trouble with Geordie and girls. There are just too many of them! Don't even bother asking him about his girlfriend. Too many and they are all over the continent! There is one girl, in particular who is in grade 6. Her name is Jenna, although he calls her Jenny, I don't bother asking.
Well, he loves waiting around for her, and walking home with her. One day Geordie and Callum went out for a bike ride and when they drove past the park, people were calling Geordie's name. Jenna was one of them. End result, Geordie and Callum are at the park.
The next week, Jenna was walking home with Geordie. My mother and I were walking behind them. He's trying to impress her with various stories (yes, at this age!) Then she asks;

Jenna: "So, do you like to go to Ardmore?"

Geordie: "Yes, when you're there!"

I will remind you that we are right behind them!
When it was time to say good bye to Jenna, Geordie goes to give her a hug and while hugging her he says, "you know, we're like boyfriend and girlfriend".

Next day, we go to pick him up from school. In the school yard we suddenly hear from one of his classmates father's, "Geordie kissed you?!?"
You then see Geordie with this huge grin yelling out, "YUP!! I KISSED KEELY!!! RIGHT ON THE CHEEK!!!".

He was very proud of himself.


Geordie; "Mummy, I know that you know everything. Then you tell me and Daddy"
*note; no coaxing here.


Geordie's Grannie is very big on grammar. She knows her stuff. Unfortunately Geordie has his own ideas AND sticks to them;

Geordie: " and Daddy..."

Grannie: "Daddy and I"

Geordie: "no, me and Daddy"

Grannie: "the correct way is to say, Daddy and I"

Geordie: "why?"

Grannie: "you put the other person first, it's polite"

Geordie: "well, I say me and Daddy you can say that"

Grannie: "but it's not correct"

Geordie: " Me and Daddy..."



Chantal said...

LOL what a kid. Already a ladies man! Look out!

Edie Mindell said...

Well, you've got yourself a hunk here. I bet he is always surrounded by girls.:-) Seems like he's a charmer. I like it when he tries to reason out. He's just so cute.:-) said...

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Whit. B On Twitter said...

I like your blog, very cute stuff. :)

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