Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Helping a Parent Along...

Canada is a little different than USA and we are using this to our advantage!!

Last week I was caught on the ice at Geordie's school. A couple of the father's had to help me out. One noticed the Georgia license plate and commented. I will admit to saying, 'yes' with a slight drawl.

But our real usage of the USA/Canadian difference is in parenting.

We have been known to say such things as;

"No, they do not allow that in Canada!"

"They do not have that in Canada!"

"Yeah, Canada, it's a little different and there are different rules"

So now, if we do not have something or say no to doing something Geordie automaticly thinks that Canada just does not have it;

Geordie was watching tv one day and needed to leave the room for a second;

Geordie: "Mummy, pause it please!"

Me: "Oh, sorry Geordie, there is no pause here."

Geordie: "UGH!!! They don't have pause in Canada?!?!"


chelle said...

hehe it really is different here.
The big thing was shopping for us. Everything closing early and not open Sundays .. holidays completely shut ... in the US it is SHOP SHOP SHOP!

Alaina Gray said...

Big improvement on the ice from one year ago at the National Sculpture Garden! I am impressed!

Alison said...

Better not let him talk to the boy. Cause then he'd find out that they do actually have pause in Canada, just not in your house!

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