Friday, January 22, 2010

So, are you happy to be home?!?

That's the number one question we get!!
Seriously thinking of answering the question with, "NO!" just to see what kind of reaction I would get.

Yes, we are happy to be home.

The next question is; "Is it everything you hoped it would be?"

Ah, I guess. We didn't really know what to expect.

The last time we lived here, we were not married, Geordie was not around and we were students rather than professionals. Much different life! We could also go through the day without complaining about any aches or pains AND have more than one drink and wake up fine the next morning!

Here are a few things that we did expect:

The ocean, and how much Geordie loves it!

Walking/scooting to school... 1km (.6mile) each way

The culture... yes, that is a beer!

Wearing long johns under your Hallowe'en costume. Geordie wanted to be a skeleton, I went looking at all the costumes and they were horrible so...we made it! Less than $20 for supplies; horribly cheap looking pre-made costume $30! ...and this one glowed in the dark!

Snow in November!!!

by the way; while everyone else was cursing this snow Geordie and I were strolling in it, loving every minute of it!!



chelle said...

Glad you are enjoying home!
We seriously need to get together at some point!

Stella said...

Is C holding a purse with that beer?!? Is that Canadian, too? ;)

Alaina Gray said...

Glad to see more pictures of home!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Stella - all Canadian men are required to carry a purse and all Canadian women are required to carry a hammer (from Canadian Tire)

Chantal said...

You made that costume! It is awesome!

CW said...

well played Stella!

'C' said...

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