Friday, September 19, 2008

A new pet...and other findings!

Geordie and Callum found a new pet to join Steve and Baby Geordie. The poor thing probably had no idea that hanging out on our porch could mean death to freedom.

So, without further ado... here's Ivan!

I was unable to get a good picture of him as I refuse to go too close to these pets of ours! Here's an example...

More great thoughts by Callum, talking about getting away with things...

Callum; "Mummy stuck with tricks that were tried and true so she didn't get caught much. I was more of an innovator, which meant that I got caught a lot!

Geordie; "I get caught" *with big smile on face*

Callum; "But that's because you're an innovator"

Geordie; "Just like you!"

Picture it; dinner table, talking, ALL THREE OF US ARE THERE. I just said something that Callum agrees with...

Callum; "f@#*in-eh!"

Total silence. Callum and I are looking at each other trying not to laugh.

Geordie; "I heard that!"

Callum; "you didn't hear anything"

Geordie; "Yes, I did. I heard what you say. You say, f@#*in-eh!"

The next day when Geordie and I were driving home after his nursery school...

Geordie; "Today I was with Carson, and Morgan and Dude and we had a big secret"

Me; "What was the secret?"

Geordie; "I can't tell you, it was bad words."

*quickly dialing Callum's number as Morgan's mother works with Callum*

We later found out that they were saying things like 'tree head' and 'car head'.

I didn't bother asking!

Both of our mother's are huge backseat drivers. Truthfully, I don't know how the Dad's deal with it! ...and yes, they are both known to read this!!

Well, this backseat driver takes the cake!

Please note that this is a professional former F1 driver who is on a closed circuit. Do not try this at home! ;)


mr + mrs ruddick said...

helen, i'm DYING over here! DYING. you KILL me!

Chantal said...

LOL when you jumped and screamed when Ivan jumped... TOO FUNNY! Love it.

Kristin said...

What an odd little lizard... it looks pretend!

xup said...

I'm sooooo glad I had a girl. She never once brought critters home to live indoors inside our house with us, inside, in the house...with us...

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Oh my gosh!