Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I love racing, I love racing...maybe if I say it enough it will take! ;)

Did you know that we're having a little bit of a gas shortage in the south/east?!?

Last Monday when trying to get gas I had to go to 3 stations. Then on Thursday when we were driving to VIRginia we stopped in Concord, N.C. for supper as well as gas. Got the supper, couldn't find the gas! All the gas stations were out.

As it is Concord...home of Lowe's Motor Speedway one gas station had racing fuel. So, that's what we got at $2.00 more a gallon (putting it around the same price as they pay in Canada for regular gas!).

As we were driving along we noticed that those gas stations with gas had line ups that went out to the exits. The rest of the gas stations had bags over their handles.

Yesterday, Callum had to go to 5 different stations to get gas. They say that this is going to be going on until the holiday in a couple of weeks.

It was a great weekend for Callum and Geordie. They really enjoyed themselves at the racetrack. It had been six months since Geordie had been to a track, that's the longest he has ever gone! Really, it's 1/9 of his life!

Yes, those are Geordie's own pair of mechanic gloves!

We could not get over the change in him. All he wanted to do was watch the races. It was quite funny, and possibly a little tiresome for Grannie. Luckily we stayed at the track and in the morning he could just sit outside our room and watch the races...as they start at 8 AM!!!

Guess, who does not enjoy that bit!??!

The Wright Team!

Callum and Geordie driving off into the sunset...well to the garage!!

As you may guess, racing isn't exactly my 'bag'...but it is my husbands! Not just his but his whole family. Callum was to his first race when he was 6 weeks old...so was Geordie. So, while we've been living down here every couple of months we will be found at a racetrack for the weekend, sometimes monthly!

What do I do? Well, this weekend I read and did about 50 Sudoku puzzles! I will get food once in awhile and I stay with Geordie while everyone else is on the track but that's about it.

Do I feel guilty for doing nothing?!? At first...YES! but not so much anymore. There really isn't anything for me to do. Everyone has their set jobs now...including Geordie.

So, I just make sure that I have a good book and possibly some other things to entertain me. Geordie has learned 'track etiquette' and is quite easy to manage, pretty much all day long now! Yup, from 8 or 9 in the morning until the 7 o'clock dinner in the evening...we're there! For 3 days in a row!

So, that's my 'give'...the racetrack! Years a go when I was playing Callum had to go to all of my games/concerts/practices. That was my 'take'. Years to come will probably see both 'hobbies' happening at the same time. There will be a hell of a lot of 'give and take' there!

For now, I'm more than willing to deal with long weekends with my in-laws and loud cars! ;)

What do you 'give' for your spouse?
Better yet, what do you 'take'?



Chantal said...

whats with the gas thing? i was listening to satellite radio they other day and they mentioned it and I had no idea.

A Buns Life said...

What fun for Geordie!! My son would be ALL over that!

Stella said...

Does spending time with the in laws count? :)

LOVE the pictures!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Watching sports, sports, and more sports.

Sorry about the gas thing. That hasn't happened here in So Cal, as far as I know. Golly, what's next? I'm going with it being more oil-company conspiracies. Just sayin'.

chelle said...

I moved to the US for my spouse, now HE OWES ME FOREVER muwahahaha ... lol

It would be a great place to knit and stitch while at the races!

Egads on the gas! That is crazy! Prices have actually gone down up here.

Don Mills Diva said...

Never feel guilty for doing nothing! I take that opportunity whenever I can get it.

My hubby is also a racing fanatic - Forumla One specifically - he completed his race drivers certification at the Jim Russell School of Racing in Mont Tremblant.