Friday, March 28, 2008

My Daddy's Birthday!

Sunday is Callum's birthday. Geordie has been talking about it all week. It first started with what kind of party Daddy wants;

Geordie: " I think that Daddy wants a party at Chuck E Cheeses"

Geordie was there twice when he was two! He doesn't remember it at all he has just been seeing the commercials.

Then on to birthday present;

Geordie: " I know what Daddy wants! He wants a monster truck and some hotwheels of his own"

So yesterday Geordie was talking to Callum about his birthday;

Geordie: " you wanna go to Chuck E Cheeses?"

Callum: "no, not really."

Geordie: "oh, I know, you really want to go to Jumpin' Joey's!!!"

Callum gave up! Isn't it just like a guy to think that you want what they want!!!!!

picture; back when Geordie was quiet! (03/04)

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