Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Geordie is now 4!!!

Yesterday was Geordie's fourth birthday. We couldn't believe it. He was very excited, and then he started talking about being five...

I was talking to him about each birthday and what he could do, which led to where he was before he was a baby...

Me: "you were in my tummy."

Geordie: *in awe* "you eat me?!?!?!"

Me: *while trying not to laugh too hard* "no..." didn't get a chance to say anything else.

Geordie: "I crawled in there?!?!?!? Who's tummy were you in?"

Me: "Nana's, and Daddy was in Grannie's"

Geordie: "Who's tummy was Nana in? Grandad's?"

Me: "No, Nana was in Nanny's"

Geordie: "Who's tummy was Grannie in?"

Me: "Grannie Hamilton's, who was Grannie's Mummy."

...then Geordie was bored of that subject.

photo above; Geordie, 10 minutes old.

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Anonymous said...

I love your conversations with Geordie...They crack me up.