Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Conversations with Geordie...

We had cupcakes for desert tonight...

Me: "Geordie, how is it?"

Geordie: "It's goody!!"

Callum: "It's good, goody isn't a word. We speak Queen's English".

2 minutes later

Callum: "My cupcake is good"

Geordie: "My cupcake is GOODY!!"

Today Geordie and I were running a couple of errands after his school. As we were coming out of a store...

Geordie: "When we get home can I ride my bike?"

Me: "Aaahhh...I'm not..."

Geordie: "Yes or no Mummy, that's all you have to say, Yes or no!"

I'll remind you again that Geordie is not yet 4!!!

above; Geordie just over 6 months. When he didn't talk back or correct us!

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