Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Remember my cute little listener?!?!?

There is a rule in Geordie's class about listening;

-First time you are spoken too you are put on 'green'
-Second time you are spoken too you are put on 'yellow'
-Third time you are spoken too you are put on 'red' and a note goes home to your parents that needs to be signed by one of them.

In the first two weeks of school this year, we had one. Now, in the last two weeks of school we have another.

Truthfully, I'm kind of proud that we have only (knock on wood) had two. Thought that there might be more due to his negotiating skills and stubbornness that could give his Uncle Greg a run for his money.

Here are the 3 this time;

(1) Green - Had to be asked several times to sit up during circle time.

(2) Yellow - Yelling on the way back from the bathroom, after he was told that quiet voices were to be used.

and finally, the one that does not surprise me what-so-ever at all...

(3) Red - Using the building blocks in the classroom as a skateboard immediately after he was told that was not what they were used for and that he was to put them away.



xup said...

I'm imagining having a job where I'd have to write stuff like that and take it seriously

chelle said...

hehehe what a kid!

Mandy said...

Personally, I can't imagine having to chase after young kids all day as my own can drive me nuts.

However, kudos for the low number. For a boy, that's pretty incredible!

Chantal said...

that photo is adorable!