Sunday, February 8, 2009

The rules:

1. Leave me a comment saying you want to be interviewed. (I’ll take the first five or so, if there are that many of you interested.) 2. I’ll email you five questions of my choosing. 3. You update your blog with the answers to the questions. 4. You offer to interview someone else in the same post. 5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. They will answer the questions on their own blog and carry on the process.

My questions are from Much More Than A Mom.

1. If you could have any job in the universe EXCEPT the one you have (and being a parent doesn't count - this job has to pay in actual money), what would you do? What do you think would be most rewarding about it? Do you see any negative qualities to your dream job?

I would like to be involved in nonprofit / fund raising. Specifically for the arts, cancer research and children's charities (that almost sums them all up, doesn't it?!?!). As well as liking the fact of doing it there would always be a new thing to conquer AND there would be a lot of last minute, down to the wire stuff that I just love!
Rewarding wise; I'm helping out others...'nough said!
The only negative thing I see is getting too involved and taking the time away from my family.

2. You are walking alone in the forest and come upon a meadow. In the centre of the meadow you find a box, about 6"x6"x6". Inside that box you find something you've always wanted but never thought you'd get, and it's not jewellery or money. What is it? Why did you think you'd never get it? How do you feel now that you have it?

Oh my stars! I have no idea with that size box. Does sanity count?!?

3. What do you see yourself doing in 20 years? You know, once the kids have moved out and/or are in post-secondary education (hopefully) and you can actually focus on yourself for a while.

Back to #1. At this point be in consulting, pick the jobs I want, take time for travel and still be playing!

4. Define failure, for you.

Not being happy.

5. Describe the very best friend you've ever had. We want to know everything. Are you as good a friend as he/she is or was? What makes you a good friend? What makes you a crappy friend?

You know the 'real' answer is your spouse...but that's kind of boring!
Never really thought about it before but when I read this question I sat down and did.
I have had 3 great (best) friends in my life. Lots of really good friends, but 3 that I would put into this category.

There's JP. Yes, a guy. I do believe that you can have (just) a friendship with someone from the opposite sex! We met in grade 2 and up until grade 12 went to the same school. What was great was that he was feminine enough (look up metro sexual and you'll see his pic!) to get things but he was not in to all the girlie annoying cattiness.
We hung out together, worked together, went to school together. We even noticed that if we were together it seemed that our parents would let us do more! Unfortunately, Callum didn't think that JP would look that good in a dress so for the wedding he was a groomsman.

Then there's Lynn. We met in grade seven. We shared many things, like our love for NKOTB (as well as Gerald and Chris!). Lynn and I are the exact opposite in many ways. We could go shopping and I would pick out a shirt thinking it was the ugliest thing...Lynn would love it, and vice-versa!
She's the thinker while I'm the jumper. She analyzes things (sometimes to death) while I could care less. I live in a bubble...she secretly does too.

...and last but not least, there's Alaina. We met when we were both brand new mothers (well I was about to be, she had been for a couple of weeks). Right away we developed a friendship much like you did back when you were a child. We were comfortable around each other. We were very different yet very much alike. I do believe that the reason why we moved here was for me to meet Alaina.

Thinking about these 3 they all have similar traits. Just to name one...they are all low maintenance friends. High maintenance friendships never last!

I hope I'm as good a friend as they are.
I know that I learn from them and hope in return that they learn from me.
I do worry that I take more than I give...which is so in my personality. I know of some friendships that I know wouldn't last because I could walk all over them. I need to be told NO!


much more than a mom said...

Great answers! I love that they made you think.

chelle said...

egads I forgot to do this!

Cool answers!

Lynn said...

Helen you should see the shirt I saw would totally love it! ox

Mandy said...

I like reading these... exposes a bloggy side of people you might never have seen!

Mandy said...

I forgot to add you can interview me b/c I am stuck for subject matter... :)

Anonymous said...

I did this already so don't send me any more questions, but your questions were most interesting - as were the answers.