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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Would you believe that it's been 10 YEARS!?!

I know, I can't believe it!

Sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday!

Other times it feels like TEN l-l-l-l-o-o-o-o-n-n-n-n-g-g-g-g years!

We did the church thing

We did the picture thing even if we felt like goofballs

We did the family thing



We did the wedding party thing

...and then we did the celebrating!

Three and a half years later (to the day) we did the 'Our Family' thing

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The World According to Geordie...

4200ft, Saddleback, Maine

Geordie's new song (to the tune of Frere Jacques); "Obi Wa-an, Obi Wa-an, Obi Wan, Obi Wan, Obi-Obi-Wa-an, Obi-Obi-Wa-an, Obi Wan, Obi Wan"


Walking to school I go to hold Geordie's hand, he says, "no thank you! It kind of gives me the creeps."


Geordie decided to give Callum a hockey party during the Olympics (the Canada/USA game). We made him chicken nachos, wings and bread/dips; even brought him a beer. He decorated with balloons. Red & White. He found 2 blue; "Mummy, I'm going to put the blue balloons down in the basement cause those are USA colours and we don't want to see those."


Geordie is on a bit of a nickname kick. If your name is one syllable, he makes it more. If it is more than one, he makes it one. The other day he decided to give Nana a nickname; he told her that he was going to call her Jake.


We're having a little trouble with Geordie and girls. There are just too many of them! Don't even bother asking him about his girlfriend. Too many and they are all over the continent! There is one girl, in particular who is in grade 6. Her name is Jenna, although he calls her Jenny, I don't bother asking.
Well, he loves waiting around for her, and walking home with her. One day Geordie and Callum went out for a bike ride and when they drove past the park, people were calling Geordie's name. Jenna was one of them. End result, Geordie and Callum are at the park.
The next week, Jenna was walking home with Geordie. My mother and I were walking behind them. He's trying to impress her with various stories (yes, at this age!) Then she asks;

Jenna: "So, do you like to go to Ardmore?"

Geordie: "Yes, when you're there!"

I will remind you that we are right behind them!
When it was time to say good bye to Jenna, Geordie goes to give her a hug and while hugging her he says, "you know, we're like boyfriend and girlfriend".

Next day, we go to pick him up from school. In the school yard we suddenly hear from one of his classmates father's, "Geordie kissed you?!?"
You then see Geordie with this huge grin yelling out, "YUP!! I KISSED KEELY!!! RIGHT ON THE CHEEK!!!".

He was very proud of himself.


Geordie; "Mummy, I know that you know everything. Then you tell me and Daddy"
*note; no coaxing here.


Geordie's Grannie is very big on grammar. She knows her stuff. Unfortunately Geordie has his own ideas AND sticks to them;

Geordie: " and Daddy..."

Grannie: "Daddy and I"

Geordie: "no, me and Daddy"

Grannie: "the correct way is to say, Daddy and I"

Geordie: "why?"

Grannie: "you put the other person first, it's polite"

Geordie: "well, I say me and Daddy you can say that"

Grannie: "but it's not correct"

Geordie: " Me and Daddy..."


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bunny Hill or Ski Bunny?!?

Last week on what was 'Family Day' we all went skiing.

It was my first time.

Never really thought of skiing as being my thing. I have always been strong in sports just never really liked the idea of doing something that you can fall at. Fail, I do not have a problem with, fall...totally different story.

Same thing with skating. Although I can do it, and took lessons as a child. I remember not really enjoying it, I was timid because I was always afraid of falling.

Thing is we have a trip coming up, a ski trip, for March Break. We all know that Geordie can ski, remember?!? Well, we figured that I should learn so that Callum could have some time to do the trickier hills and Geordie would not have to stay off the hills at that time.

So, last Monday up to Martock we went...

Both Geordie and I had a lesson. Different instructors, of course. Geordie's lesson was on the big hill. Mine started on a very small hill; far away from the bunny hill. While Geordie was learning French fry turns and hockey stops I was learning pizza turns and snowplow stops.

So, here is Geordie. This is now our retirement plan...

Notice the backwards skiing, first time doing that. Wish we had filmed him by the end of the day. He could go front to back and back to front again and again in the blink of an eye.

Then there is me. Well, I do not have the NO FEAR of Geordie but I was much better than I thought I would be. When I put on the boots, I thought that I would hate it! Those are the most uncomfortable things to wear!

So I have my lesson, I do okay. I fell once...and you know what?! I didn't get hurt. Once I had the fall behind me I was fearless! Okay, maybe I wasn't but it makes for such a better story!

After my lesson Callum and Geordie joined me on the bunny hill and we all went down together. Well, Callum stayed by me, Geordie went down, back up and down again in the one time it took us to go down.

Finally, my third time going down after my lesson went great, or so I thought...

Here are the thoughts that were going through my head as I go down the bunny hill ;

- I can't believe I'm going this fast...ALREADY!!!
- I'm a natural!!
- Why is this the first time I'm trying this?!?
- I'm too awesome to start so late!
- Sure, not as good as Jenn Heil but I'm sure she was just like me!
- The possibilities that I threw away by not skiing until now?!
- I could have been an Olympian!!
- The speed I am going is unreal!
- The hill is going to use me as an example to all

yes, all these thoughts, and more...

Now, of course I prefer to show my Princessy, gorgeous, totally put together side but here, for one time only, I will show my, well, spazzy side. Very few people see this...and yes, I am sharing it with y'all!!

When watching, please remember all the thoughts that were going through my head while this is taking place...and that the camera adds 10lbs! ;)

I have a problem with staring at my feet as I go making me look even more spazzy...
The next time I went down, again, the same thoughts were going through my head until Geordie passes me going much, much faster; does a hockey stop in front of me; turns around and starts skiing backwards saying, "Mummy!! You're doing great!! Come on!! You Can Do It!! Just follow me!!"

Bubble burst!
Then I see the I question EVERYTHING I have ever done where I thought I did a great job and looked cool!! :(


Monday, February 8, 2010

So! I Ran a 1/2 Marathon...

...and lived!!! Although, let me tell you, it was very shaky towards the end!

The morning started out great. I was psyched that it was at 9AM! We usually have runs at 8:30AM and I am NOT a morning person. Could not do it to save my life! I'm totally one of those '5 minutes makes so much of a difference in the morning' type so having a whole half hour?!? Pure Heaven!

Anyway... it was said that it was -10C (14F). Although it felt cold, I did not think that it was THAT cold! The gals that I have latched on to all met up and then we went to the starting post.

You see us? We're in the back!
Doing something I like to call 'penguining' (see Happy Feet if unsure of that one!) do you see us?

Don't worry...neither do I! This is just here to give you an idea.
On to the run;

Started out great, there wasn't as much talk as there usually is but all was good!
It was a little annoying when the wind was against you. Then you think, great it will be behind us when we come back! Think again...this is Nova Scotia! The wind changes in the blink of an eye! Therefore, the wind seemed to almost always be against us!

Half way through I had to stop to un-stuff my socks that were bunching up under my toes. Let me tell you, THAT HURTS! Lesson learned; do not wear socks that you have only worn on shorter runs.

Then we're on the last bit... 0.6K left to be exact (0.372822 mi). Almost to the top of the steep hill that is at the end. I start to feel nauseous. I try to ignore it. It's getting worse. I mention it to my amazingly super understanding great running friend. Next thing I know I'm finding it hard to focus and all I'm hearing is, "Helen! Helen! Look at me!" over and over.

At this point here is what is running through my head;

1) I'm going to faint! Why am I going to faint?!? There's only .6 left!!

2) Kelly needs to leave me! I'm close I will be fine! She needs to go! I can't ruin this for her!

3) OH NO!!! I'm not going to make it!! I have come this far.

4) am I going to finish it?!? Do you think I can crawl?

My friend squirts Gatorade in my mouth. I sit down, she stuffs jelly beans in my mouth. Seriously! She holds my face and stuffs them in! At this point I remember her saying, "they fell on white snow, it's okay!". In her haste to get the beans out for me they all fell out of her pocket. Would love to see how the dog acts who finds those.

A minute or two later we were walking out of the park and then running the rest of the way. At that point I felt great! We were at the end and what makes it even better is having the rest of the crew at the end yelling for you...and bacon!


You don't seriously think that I got away with it that easily do you?!?

Finished the Half, gave out hugs, put in my popsicle stick number, went on about the 'about to faint' situation. Then, walking to the car, in the parking lot... slip on some ice and WHAM!, down on the ground!

Best feeling in the world! That cold ice and snow on my back and legs...well, I highly recommend it to anyone after a half marathon! :)

Here's to my first half and great running mates!

Next one is in May! :oP


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Helping a Parent Along...

Canada is a little different than USA and we are using this to our advantage!!

Last week I was caught on the ice at Geordie's school. A couple of the father's had to help me out. One noticed the Georgia license plate and commented. I will admit to saying, 'yes' with a slight drawl.

But our real usage of the USA/Canadian difference is in parenting.

We have been known to say such things as;

"No, they do not allow that in Canada!"

"They do not have that in Canada!"

"Yeah, Canada, it's a little different and there are different rules"

So now, if we do not have something or say no to doing something Geordie automaticly thinks that Canada just does not have it;

Geordie was watching tv one day and needed to leave the room for a second;

Geordie: "Mummy, pause it please!"

Me: "Oh, sorry Geordie, there is no pause here."

Geordie: "UGH!!! They don't have pause in Canada?!?!"

Friday, January 22, 2010

So, are you happy to be home?!?

That's the number one question we get!!
Seriously thinking of answering the question with, "NO!" just to see what kind of reaction I would get.

Yes, we are happy to be home.

The next question is; "Is it everything you hoped it would be?"

Ah, I guess. We didn't really know what to expect.

The last time we lived here, we were not married, Geordie was not around and we were students rather than professionals. Much different life! We could also go through the day without complaining about any aches or pains AND have more than one drink and wake up fine the next morning!

Here are a few things that we did expect:

The ocean, and how much Geordie loves it!

Walking/scooting to school... 1km (.6mile) each way

The culture... yes, that is a beer!

Wearing long johns under your Hallowe'en costume. Geordie wanted to be a skeleton, I went looking at all the costumes and they were horrible so...we made it! Less than $20 for supplies; horribly cheap looking pre-made costume $30! ...and this one glowed in the dark!

Snow in November!!!

by the way; while everyone else was cursing this snow Geordie and I were strolling in it, loving every minute of it!!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It has been three months and fourteen days that we have been back in The Great White North, eh?! -and that is one of the only times that I have said "eh"! I will admit to making statements sound like questions though!

I'll take you back to October; the travel up was great! Callum's brother came down and helped us drive back. One 26ft Uhaul with trailer carrying our car and our other car driving in convoy. We broke up the drive over five days.

Day one saw not one, but two flat tires. Luckily it happened when we were parking the Uhaul at the hotel in the evening.

Day two was a long day of driving but all were in good spirits and Callum's brother was a demon with the Uhaul! A demon in a good way...he left 15 minutes before us and we never caught up to him!

Day three we took out the brand new Nintendo was a quiet day.

Day four; Freeport...need I say more?!? -although when shopping Freeport do not go with 3 males!

Day five was the home stretch! We stayed the night before in Houlton, ME so that we would be fresh for the border crossing. All paperwork was in order, plus copies of everything just in case! Stopped on the US side to deal with the cars (one is Canadian the other American). That took about 15 minutes.

Then on to the Canadian side...lots of paperwork but we had everything that was needed. Finished in about 20-30 minutes then the Customs person smiles at us and says, "Welcome back!". That was it, we were done. They didn't even look in the cars let alone open the truck. Callum was mad! All that strategical packing...

Walking back to the cars;

Callum: "Well, we're Canadian again!"

Geordie: "I don't like Canadians."

An hour later he was back to being happy about being Canadian!

Now he is loving it!! First day of skiing, after one lesson he was ready for the big hill;

...although once in a while he will remind us that when he's 18 he is moving back to Georgia.